Easily create your own photo album on the internet. With the easy installation you can have your gallery up and running within 5 minutes with unlimited albums and photos. For faster upload there is the multi-image uploader tool in admin area where you can upload thousands of images at once. You can protect your photos from theft by watermarking them either with text or image, and prevent hotlinking (optional). If you want your visitors can rate or comment them. With the photo editor you can crop, rotate, blur, darken, lighten and more, your photos online.


Our Free PHP photo gallery script have many features:

  • Unlimited albums, subalbums and photos
  • Picture comments and ratings,
  • Multi-image uploader,
  • EXIF/IPTC extraction (optional)
  • Watermarking with image or text(optional)
  • Integrated SEO module (for good search engine rankings)
  • Integrated Javascript slideshow module
  • Caching of all generated thumbnails and resized pictures (browser and server side)
  • Hotlinking prevention (optional)
  • Watermarking (optional)
  • Template driven(code is separated from design)
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails and intermediate photos (sizes setable via admin)
  • Show latest, favorite and random photos
  • RSS feeds
  • Simple and easy admin management

and much, much more. Check all features here.

Create your online photo album now!